How Can You Ensure You’ll Receive An Accurate Transcript?

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Accuracy Is Always The Goal You have taken all the steps necessary to secure an interview for your research. You’ve drafted the appropriate questions, made the phone calls, booked a facility or meeting place…now what? The moderator’s sole task is … Continue reading

What Is Time-Coding In Transcription?

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What is time-coding or time stamps in transcription? Time-coding or time stamps within a transcript helps to accurately align text with an audio file. Adding these time stamps make it easy for a person to review or listen to a … Continue reading

More On File-Sharing For Your Business

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The Ease of Hightail for Sending Files… In another post, I discussed using Dropbox as a means to share your files with your co-workers. It also acts as a file-host on the Cloud. As a free service, Dropbox offers many … Continue reading

Happy New Year from JS Martin Transcription Resources


JS Martin Transcription Resources would like to wish you a Happy New Year. We hope that 2014 brings you success, health, and happiness. As always, we thank you for you business and look forward to working with you in this … Continue reading

Contemplating A File Sharing Service?

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Are you looking for a file sharing service for your business or personal use? There are so many options out there for file sharing services, where just a few years ago there weren’t many. I can remember back to when … Continue reading

Adding Hot Keys for Time-Coding in Express Scribe

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So, you’re tired of manually entering time-stamps in your transcripts or meeting notes. I get it. They’re time consuming. And productivity-wise, anything that takes away from the continuous flow of your work is costing you money. Here are some instructions … Continue reading

Tips For A Successful Focus Group

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Things to consider while planning your focus group A well-planned focus group is a successful focus group. Advanced planning is key to a successful focus group. Planning ensures the best recruitment selection process. And, even with a well planned out … Continue reading

Video Transcription Services

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What is a Video Transcript? Businesses often use conferences to reach a wide target audience. With today’s technology, conferences can easily be videotaped or captured via videoconferencing, allowing those unable to attend a conference physically to still see the conference … Continue reading

Market Research for Automotive Design: How do automotive companies get it right?

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Market Research for Automotive Design Ever wonder how automotive companies get a design so perfect, right off the production line? Ever walk into a dealership and see that bright, shiny machine on display and think, “Wow, that’s my dream car, … Continue reading

Confusing Commas ~~ What’s the Rule???

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Holy pile of commas! Commas have got to be the most misused punctuation mark of all time. Most people, tend to think that, every time you pause, you need a comma. After reading the above sentence and you will understand … Continue reading