Our Philosophy

The highest quality transcription services at competitive prices.

The philosophy of J.S. Martin Transcription Resources is to offer the highest quality transcripts and personalized service at a competitive price.

I created J.S. Martin Transcription Resources in 1994 after spending more than 20 years in the business world. During that time I gained invaluable experience learning new skills while using established ones in new, creative and effective ways. As time progressed, I began to feel a dissatisfaction with the impersonal and “bottom-line” attitude that detached the people working around me from their customers.

I used that dissatisfaction as motivation to create a business that was centered around ensuring my clients experienced a professional environment with a friendly and knowledgeable staff who treated our clients with respect and are provided with a quality product delivered on time.

All of us at J.S. Martin Transcription Resources embrace a serious attitude toward security. We are aware that many of our clients are providing us with sensitive and proprietary information. We take this extremely seriously and ensure all staff has signed non-disclosure agreements and all material is securely transported to and from the transcriptionist, Quality Control department and main office.

I am always available to my clients to answer questions, discuss issues and design a job or project around their unique needs.

J.S. Martin Transcription Resources will promise no more than we can deliver and will deliver what we promise.

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