Curious About Video Transcription???

What is a Video Transcript and Do You Need It?

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Video Transcription Services

Have you ever read a focus group transcription and wished you could see the respondent’s reactions to a certain question?  Were you hoping to captured the respondent’s answer, and put a face and name to that answer?

Skilled transcribers will watch the video recording of a focus group, capture every word spoken, and can even speaker-identify those participating in the group discussion. Presentations shown during the conference or focus group can be recorded and noted via text into the transcript, even hand gestures, if necessary, can be recorded, so that the person reading the typed document will know everything that had occurred even though they weren’t present for the focus group and market research study.

Are you interested in video transcription, but still aren’t certain if it is right for your business? Do you have questions on what type of digital files can be played through transcription software? Contact JS Martin Transcription Resources where we can provide you with a quote for services, and our technical team can answer any questions you might have.

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About Jannice Roy

Jannice Roy has over 7 years of corporate, general, legal, market research and analytics transcription experience. She’s taken courses in oral and written communication, business principals, and English, as well as fiction writing and creative writing. When she’s not transcribing, she writes novels and publishes romance under the name Niecey Roy.

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