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A breakdown of transcription services…

Business woman typing on keyboardAfter a business or individual decides to go the route of recording an interview, conference or conference call, group session or presentation, the next step is to decide how to transfer that information into the written word. A transcriber is a trained professional in this field. Often, businesses or individuals realize that, after attempting to type a transcript in-house, creating an error free transcript of an audio recording is not as easy as it sounds. Outsourcing the transcription is both time and cost effective, and puts your work into the hands of a professional. The next step is to decide what type of transcription service will benefit your project.


Verbatim:  A verbatim transcript is often used for law enforcement transcription, legal transcription, and in any instance where the speaker’s comments must be recorded exactly as spoken so as not to take the meaning out of context. This type of transcription is very time consuming for the transcriptionist, as every utterance is recorded, from “um” to “ah”, or “uh-huh” to “mm-hm”.  Every speech pattern from excessive use of “so” at the beginning of sentences, or “you know” and “like” every few words. These are considered empty words, but are necessary for a verbatim transcript.


General:  This is the most common type of transcription selected by clients. This type of transcription puts the audio file into a readable Word format. It takes all the empty words out of the file so that the content is easier to read and information is more easily extrapolated from the document. This type of transcription is often used to upload onto websites, to cut and paste information directly from the document to be edited within a report, et cetera. Taking out the “empty words” does not change the context of the sentence, however. It simply removes distracting, empty words within a document. In general transcription, “uh-huh” and “mm-hm” become “yes”, and “uh-uh” becomes “no”.


Ex. Verbatim:

“I, uh, found that dog and, like, it ran at me. I, you know, I jumped in that black, um, car. Uh-huh, that’s what I did.”


Ex. General:

“I found that dog and it ran at me.  I jumped in that black car. Yes, that’s what I did.”


Again, general transcription is the service most clients ask for. Verbatim is considered an added-service, as well as services such as speaker-identification, time-coding, video transcription and translation transcription. Please see our Services Page for more information and do not hesitate to contact JS Martin Transcription Resources for a customized transcription services fee quote. Often times a project requires specific instructions or a client has specific needs, and we are more than happy to accommodate our clients.

About Jannice Roy

Jannice Roy has over 7 years of corporate, general, legal, market research and analytics transcription experience. She’s taken courses in oral and written communication, business principals, and English, as well as fiction writing and creative writing. When she’s not transcribing, she writes novels and publishes romance under the name Niecey Roy.

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