FAQs / What can I do to ensure an accurate transcript and make the process smooth?

The most impactful issue relating to accuracy is the quality of the original audio. We offer audio improvement, but there are limits to its success if the background noise is loud or on the same frequency as a low volume speaker. Factors that affect and the steps you can take to insure accuracy, completeness and delivery time are:

  • Noisy backgrounds – Make sure you are recording your subjects in a quiet environment. Remember that a microphone cannot filter out background voices and noise the way we can. If you have no choice, make sure the speaker or speakers are as close to the microphone as possible. Record a sound test before you begin so you know what you’re getting.
  • Low speakers, mumblers and slurred speech – As above, make sure the microphone is as close as possible, ask them to speak a little louder if possible and as above, make sure the background noise is minimal. Again, record a test to make sure you’re able to hear and understand what they’re saying.
  • Multiple voices – Any conversation or group discussion can get exciting and animated. It only takes two talking at the same time to render an important piece of information undiscernible. Request, and remind your participants to speak one at a time or ask them to repeat their answer separately.

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