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Quality Control Specialist

chris duncan

Christine Duncan

Christine Duncan grew up in New York, got married and had kids in L.A., and currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware. She’s traveled across country by car six times, which has given her a good amount of knowledge of our United States. Homeschooling since 1997 has earned her the title Grammar Nazi from her kids and their friends “I’m sure they mean it fondly”. Since 1987, Chris has worked in the securities industry as a customer service representative, as a librarian/assistant for a major television engineering firm, and as a continuity writer for the entertainment business. When her youngest child was born in 1996, Jay offered her an opportunity to work from home. She’s been doing transcription for him ever since.
Quality Control Specialist

cheryl morrison

Cheryl Morrison

Cheryl Morrison has a 30-year history in the administrative field, including positions as an office manager, quality assurance coordinator, and grant-writing assistant. She’s worked for a real estate company, medical marketing agency, advertising firm, and many years in a non-profit substance abuse treatment agency. Coupled with her degree in Psychology and Business Administration, she has a strong overview of, and experience with, the unique needs of different industries. Cheryl is a born-and-raised New Englander, still living in Massachusetts, and has worked at home as a transcriber since her oldest son was born in 2000.
Quality Control Specialist

jannice roy

Jannice Roy

Jannice Roy has over 7 years of corporate, general, legal, market research and analytics transcription experience. She’s taken courses in oral and written communication, business principals, and English, as well as fiction writing and creative writing. When she’s not transcribing, she writes novels and publishes romance under the name Niecey Roy. She enjoys the challenges involved in transcription, working under tight deadlines with differing guidelines for each client. In her position as Quality Control Specialist with JS Martin Transcription Resources, Jannice enjoys the personal relationships she develops with clients. Besides writing, Jannice enjoys reading, air-boating, entertaining and cooking.
Quality Control Specialist

sandra holcombe

Sandra Holcombe

Sandra Holcombe has served as an editor, proofreader, and writer for over 10 years. Along with Jay Martin’s excellent team she’s also edited for Old Dominion University, Mark Deitch & Associates, The Transcription Company, Random House, and Multnomah—along with polishing the work of screenwriters, playwrights, and novelists. She’s written for several organizations, including Operation Blessing International, Mattel, and Gale–Cengage and is also a produced playwright/screenwriter and voice-over artist. Sandra holds an M.F.A. in Script and Screenwriting, an M.A. in Humanities, and a B.A. in English. If she had to pick three favorites at the moment, they would be: organic strawberries, springtime, and castle-hopping (or eating organic strawberries in springtime in a castle far, far away…while working remotely, of course).