Transcription of audio :
  $125/hour of audio
Service includes the following: recruitment of subcontractors for project, distribution of audio files (or CDs, DVDs, tapes), transcription, quality control evaluation for each transcript, tracking of progress of transcription, submission of the completed transcript to a client, invoicing of the completed project.

A First-time client gets 20% off at $100/hour.

Transcription of the video:  $175/hour of video
Services for transcription of videos the same as for audio. This may also include any technical requirements to convert the format of videos not widely used by subcontractors to a standard format.

Translation/transcription:  $250/hour of audio
$300/hour of video
Services for translation from or to Spanish, French same as noted above.

24-hour rush transcription services:  $140/hour of audio $185/hour of video

Please contact us for information regarding other options such as per-page billing and transcription of Spanish to Spanish.

Technical Services

Consultation:  $40/ for up to half an hour. Additional time prorated by ¼ hour.
Notification of, and/or consultation regarding, corrupt or unplayable files are included with transcription service.

Editorial, manipulation and/or enhancement for sub-optimal audio (if viable):   $40/ for up to half hour of audio or video. $20/each additional half hour
Projects with multiple interviews less than 15 minutes each will be given a project rate based on cumulative time.

Audio and Video File Conversion from standard audio or video formats: Included with transcription service.
Additional charge for conversions from some proprietary file formats.

File creation from a web audio or video player based on length of recording at $40 per hour.