Technical Services

Advance Transcription Services

Technical Services details

  • Consultation: $40 for up to half an hour. Additional time prorated by ¼ hour.
  • Notification of, and/or consultation regarding, corrupt or unplayable files are included with transcription service.
  • Editorial, manipulation and/or enhancement for sub-optimal audio (if viable): $40 for up to half hour of audio or video. $20 each additional half hour.
  • Projects with multiple interviews less than 15 minutes each will be given a project rate based on cumulative time.
  • Audio and video file conversion from standard audio or video formats: Included with transcription service.
  • Additional charge for conversions from some proprietary file formats.
  • Web audio or video: If a media file is not available to be downloaded we can record the session using the appropriate file type at $40 per hour of total running time.