Sleep and How It Affects Productivity

The importance of a good night’s sleep

Man Asleep At His DeskWe’ve all heard the saying before, “There’s not enough hours in the day.” And sometimes, that saying is spot on, especially for those of us who juggle work and family life. For some, they are lucky enough to leave work at the office and are able to concentrate on “me” time when they get home. That leaves an evening of downtown in their hands. For some, their work follows them home, or, they are work-at-home professionals and their work is with them everywhere. When work follows a person home, juggling dinner and the needs of their family take up any downtown one might have. Sometimes (and from my experience) this leads to bad sleep habits–wake early, go to bed late.

It’s possible to maintain this lifestyle for a time, but eventually, the body cries out–it’s exhausted. For those who lack a good night’s sleep, and for too long, it can put a strain on a person’s relationships with our loved ones and peers. Exhaustion can dramatically affect our health as well as weaken our mental function. What does this mean? Exhaustion can directly affect our job performance. Studies have shown that along with the mental strain exhaustion can cause to a person, there are also health issues, including obesity.

Staying healthy, being healthy, is key to staying productive during both work and personal time. A good diet and routine exercise plan are also both important, but neither can make up for the lack of rest. It sounds so simple, too. Sleep. But we all know how difficult it can be when our schedules are full. It amazes me sometimes how much more productive I am after a good night’s sleep, and I have the energy to tackle everything on my day’s tasks list without the hindrance of exhaustion. There is nothing better than waking energized, and being fully charged makes the day go by faster, as well.

How much sleep is a good night’s sleep?

That’s a difficult question to answer, and it’s hard to put a number on the hours of sleep a person needs. Someone who is more physically active, such as an athlete, may need more hours, just as they may need more calories to sustain energy levels throughout the day. The average minimum amount of sleep is normally stated to be between 7 to 8 hours of sleep. However, studies have shown that women may need more sleep than men. Growing children from infant to teenagers also may require more than average sleep.

A good start would be to ensure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night, especially if you’ve noticed exhaustion has begun to take a toll on your professional and personal life. If you’re like me, and often find yourself going to bed much later than you should, make a conscious effort to change your night time “habits”.  In my next post, I’ll share some good tips for a good night’s sleep.
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