NEW DISCOUNTS to Kick Off the Summer ~ Transcription Discounts


The summer has kicked off with a bang, and to help you complete your projects, we would like to offer you a discount for any transcription services booked with J*S Martin Transcription Resources in the month of JULY.   20% new … Continue reading

Transcriber-asides for Unheard Portions of Audio Files

JSMartin Transcriptionist Technical Assistance

Focusing on Transcriber-asides in Transcription A moderator cannot control every utterance, noise, or interruption that may, and most likely will, occur during a focus group or interview. Our job transcribers is to capture all data from the audio recording so that … Continue reading

Tips For A Successful Focus Group

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Things to consider while planning your focus group A well-planned focus group is a successful focus group. Advanced planning is key to a successful focus group. Planning ensures the best recruitment selection process. And, even with a well planned out … Continue reading

Video Transcription Services

Businesspeople at a video conference

What is a Video Transcript? Businesses often use conferences to reach a wide target audience. With today’s technology, conferences can easily be videotaped or captured via videoconferencing, allowing those unable to attend a conference physically to still see the conference … Continue reading

Market Research for Automotive Design: How do automotive companies get it right?

transparent car concept on hologram

Market Research for Automotive Design Ever wonder how automotive companies get a design so perfect, right off the production line? Ever walk into a dealership and see that bright, shiny machine on display and think, “Wow, that’s my dream car, … Continue reading

Manual Transcription in an Automated World

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Is there a role for automated transcription in focus groups? In a world where traditional paper files are being converted into digital files every day, I often hear the question, “What does this mean for transcription?” The answer is easy: … Continue reading

Language Challenges in the Transcribers’ World

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You No Talkin’ So Good:  Language challenges in the transcribers’ world by Christine Duncan, Quality Control Specialist with JS Martin Transcription Resources Whether you’re native born or not, the English language has its challenges.  Never is it so apparent than … Continue reading

How Focus Group Transcription Can Benefit Your Company

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Why Focus Group Transcription??? In today’s business environment, professionals have come to realize that the use of focus group transcription is a great way to stay above the competitive curve. Why? It’s helped to change the way focus groups are … Continue reading