Transcriber-asides for Unheard Portions of Audio Files

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Focusing on Transcriber-asides in Transcription A moderator cannot control every utterance, noise, or interruption that may, and most likely will, occur during a focus group or interview. Our job transcribers is to capture all data from the audio recording so that … Continue reading

Curious About Video Transcription???

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What is a Video Transcript and Do You Need It? Video Transcription Services Have you ever read a focus group transcription and wished you could see the respondent’s reactions to a certain question?  Were you hoping to captured the respondent’s … Continue reading

Market Research for Automotive Design: How do automotive companies get it right?

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Market Research for Automotive Design Ever wonder how automotive companies get a design so perfect, right off the production line? Ever walk into a dealership and see that bright, shiny machine on display and think, “Wow, that’s my dream car, … Continue reading

How Focus Group Transcription Can Benefit Your Company

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Why Focus Group Transcription??? In today’s business environment, professionals have come to realize that the use of focus group transcription is a great way to stay above the competitive curve. Why? It’s helped to change the way focus groups are … Continue reading