Video Transcription Services

What is a Video Transcript?

Businesspeople at a video conferenceBusinesses often use conferences to reach a wide target audience. With today’s technology, conferences can easily be videotaped or captured via videoconferencing, allowing those unable to attend a conference physically to still see the conference either live or at a later time.

But what of those people who aren’t able to attend in person or via video conference? Scheduling conflicts happen all the time; it doesn’t mean that the information provided by a conference speaker isn’t important to the person who wasn’t able to attend.

How Can Video Transcription Help Your Business?

Today, more than ever, companies are analyzing all the ways they can cut costs to ensure financial health. Reproducing videotapes to distribute to individuals is very expensive. Companies have to consider cheaper routes of distributing this content to its employees or target audience. Instead, they’ve chosen to go digital.

This is where a video transcript is necessary. A transcription company specializing in conference transcripts or focus group transcripts can take a digital video file and turn it into a Word document which can easily be sent to multiple, if not hundreds of people, with a click of a button.

Video Transcription Services

Skilled transcribers will watch the video, capture every word spoken, and can even speaker-identify those speaking at the conference. Presentations shown during the conference or focus group can be recorded and noted via text into the transcript, even hand gestures, if necessary, can be recorded, so that the person reading the typed document will know everything that had occurred even though they weren’t present at the conference or sitting in on the focus group.

Are you interested in video transcription, but still aren’t certain if it is right for your business? Do you have questions on what type of digital files can be played through transcription software? Contact JS Martin Transcription Resources where we can provide you with a quote for services, and our technical team can answer any questions you might have.

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